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Rehearsal Studios...

Our rehearsal studios - or practice rooms, if you will, are set up to be of the very highest quality you'll find in the North East. Acoustically treated, Studio 1 is a massive 16 metres by 8 metres, and features a 7x5 metre stage, complete with a 2x2 metre drum riser.

All backline is provided - currently, there are two Marshall all-valve half stacks (DSL 50 and TSL 60), a Marshall TSL 60 combo, Line6 Lowdown 300 Modelling Bass amp and a choice of three Mapex drum kits, which can be configured just the way you want them. And the cymbals are already up - like the Iron Cobra pedals... you just need to bring your guitars and drumsticks...

Add to that up to eight monitor wedge mixes (including an 800 watt drum fill) via a dedicated 32 channel monitor desk, through which everything, but everything, gets miked up, and you'll appreciate that rehearsing in Studio 1 is like playing a gig - especially when the stage lighting gets fired up.

When you come in for a session, you'll see and hear a fresh filter of coffee being brewed - it's yours, free of charge. You may also find a little bowl of jelly babies awaiting your attention - there's nothing like a bit of sugar to help rehearsal along.

Once you've plugged in, one of our sound engineers will set your monitor mixes for you, to ensure that you hear everything the way you want to. Once you're happy with your on-stage sound, he'll leave you to it for the next two hours (or not, if you need him - he's only ever a quick yell away). As you can see by the pictures, there are comfy settees there for you to use, mineral water in a cooler, coffee and tea making facilities, and if you've forgotten a lead or a pick or your drumsticks, there are spares there - no charge!

He'll set the stage lights as you want them, or leave the daylight tubes fully lit - the choice is yours - no extra charge.

There are 24 tie lines leading from Studio 1 to our recording suite, which allows us to record your rehearsal - either direct to CD, or to our up-to-date digital audio workstations for later mixdown (and overdubs, if you fancy) - you can listen to some rehearsal recordings on this page, to give you some idea of what the quality is like.

Rehearsal Recordings:
These links will take you to 4shared, where the song files are stored.

1. Shine On - Pink Floyd Tribute Band - click here
2. Iron Gorilla - Original two-piece band - click here
3. Doyle - five piece Hard Rock Covers band - click here
4. Shine On - this is a long one - Echoes... click here
5. Lots more - click here

If those recordings have taken your fancy, why not come on down to High Fidelity Studios and have a look round for yourself, give the place a try, and see whether you'd be happy rehearsing here? We can operate 24/7 and have no noise problems, so we're available at a time to suit you.

Prices are reasonable:

Hourly Rate 20 per hour, two hour minimum (plus 15 minutes free of charge for sound check/setup)
Day rate: 10am to 10pm - 200
Lockout rate: 300 per day midnight to midnight, weekly lockout 1500.
All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Some of the bands already rehearsing at High Fidelity Studios are:

Shine On
The Rives
Seven Heroes
Iron Gorilla
No Direction
The Urge
Wind of Change
Ten Ton Friday
Second Chance Disaster
Damaged Angels
Loud as War
A*se Klarts
Bury the Ghost

Why not join them in enjoying our premium rehearsal space? Just give us a call.