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Example systems:...

1. Simple Vocal System

2x HK Actor DX Full Range Self Powered Speakers - 600 watts per side
2x Speaker Stands
1x 8 mic input Mixing Console
3x Shure SM58/ Sennheiser E840 vocal microphones + Leads + Stands
All leads and power cables

Per Day:    75+VAT = 88.13
Per Week: 375+VAT = 440.63

Delivery charge: 30+VAT within a ten mile radius of Sunderland

2. Full Band System

This system would satisfy the needs of a pub rock band playing to audiences of up to 300 people without any problems at all, and will cope with audiences of up to 500 for less strident musical forms.

2x HK Actor DX Full Range Stacks - Tops + 2xSubs per side, 1.6k per side, 3.2k overall
1x Allen & Heath GL2400/24 mixing console
4x HK Audio D.A.R.T self-powered 310watt monitor wedges
2x ART 31 band Graphic Equalisers (Monitors equalisation/feedback prevention)
1x Lexicon MPX550 effects unit
4x Shure SM58 Vocal Microphones
1x Drum Mic kit
1x LA Audio active DI box (bass guitar)
2x Instrument Mics (Audio Technica Midnight Blue)

Per Day: 240 + VAT = 282
Per Week: 1200 + VAT = 1410

Delivery Charge: 35+VAT within a ten mile radius of Sunderland

3. Fully Engineered Concert Audio System

This system would suit a 2,500 seat theatre, a larger club venue, or an outside tented festival type event. This system is a price guide only - any event of this size would require pre-production meetings to ensure a fully tailored solution for sound.

1x HK Audio Contour Array 16KW - 8 boxes per side
2x HK Audio Actor DX Full Stack (Centre Fill)
2x HK Audio Actor DX Full Stack (Stage Side Fill)
2x Digico D5 Mixing Consoles (FOH + Monitors) inc Lightpipe snake + racks - up to 128 inputs
7x HK Audio D.A.R.T monitors
1x HK Audio ELIAS Drum Fill (800 Watts inc Sub)
3x Sennheiser Evolution In-Ear monitoring systems
Full mic package (including radio mics from Sennheiser and Shure)
All stands, Cabling, etc.
2x Sound engineers
4x Stage/road crew/technicians

All insurances included

Per Day: From 3000 + VAT
Per Week: From 15000 + VAT


These are just a few examples, and are far from exhaustive - we can cater from the very smallest event to events for 2,500 people or more, and, in concert with our local partners, can cater for audiences of many thousands in arena and stadium venues. Please don't hesitate to give us a call - we'll always do our best to be competitive and give the best possible value for your money.