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PA System Hire..

We have scoured the market looking for cost-effective, good quality sound reinforcement systems, and have discovered absolute gems in HK Audio systems. We can offer HK Actor DX, HK Projector and HK Contour Array, from simple vocal only systems at 1.2K up to 16K Array systems.

We use Allen and Heath mixing consoles, renowned for their transparent mic pre-amps and overall sound quality, although we can (and do) supply Midas, Digico D5, Soundcraft and others.

Our clients/ venues include:

Sunderland Empire Theatre
Universal Records
The Zutons
The Klaxons
Independent Sunderland
Sunderland City Council
The Maccabees
Seven Heroes

Whether you need a simple, self-driven vocal system, or a full-fledged engineered solution, we'll be only to glad to help - be it for a rock band, corporate function, theatrical production, variety show or a pub band, we have the experience and equipment. All you need to do is contact us and we'll give you a competitive quote.

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